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America's Racing Team Official Partners

Drive your team to success! Your partnership is equipped with an insider look to what happens on and off the track along with the following exclusive benefits:

Your Team. Your Decisions: For the first time in a Sprint Cup Team, you will be able to influence key team decisions. 
This is your race team: You will receive an authentic certificate and partnership card. The partnership card will entitle you special benefits only available to partners of America’s Racing Team.

You will receive multiple discounts: Partners will receive preferred pricing on race tickets and merchandise. If partners are unable to attend a race, we will help organize local viewing parties.

Exclusive website access: You will have access to unique content on the website that no one else will. You will be able to participate in video conferences with members of America’s Racing Team and other partners. You will learn the ins and outs of a racing team and partners will also have the opportunity to submit pictures to the team. There will be several opportunities to enter sweepstakes through the website.

Team Journalist: News about your race team in your own words. Not only will you have exclusive access to the team newsletter, you will help create it. Partners will have the opportunity to submit columns.

Dress like an official member of the race team: You will receive an official Team Partner shirt when you join America's Racing Team.

Don’t worry about hunting down autographs: We will provide you with the opportunity to receive autographs from the team and we will also send official decals for your car.

Race shop access
: You will have access to tour the race shop and attend special events.

Annual partnership Fee $299.95

To put this in perspective, compare this to dinner for two at a casual restaurant once a month or perhaps a round of golf for four.

We also know building a successful NASCAR team takes time and we encourage you to come on board for multiple years now, at a significant overall discount, as we strive towards our five year goal of competing for the NASCAR Sprint Cup.

You can purchase a 3 or 5 year partnership and receive 20% off the total of each year
3 year partnership $719.95 (3 years bought annually, the total would be $899.85)
5 year partnership $1,199.95 (5 years bought annually, the total would be $1499.75)

JOIN ONLINE NOW or call 1-877-500-7224